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How I Plan To Help Save Our Planet

We are working in an environment where companies and governments have huge I/T budgets to bring all of their resources to bear on manipulating people, products, advertising, marketing, social media,  legislation, financial markets, etc., etc. toward improving their own financial results.  I want to move toward bringing the same sort of I/T infrastructure to bear on CO2 reduction and working toward meeting the basic human needs of everyone, worldwide – raising the Gross International Happiness Index if you will, but factoring in something like a baseline individual happiness that doesn’t let us get too full of ourselves until EVERYONE has enough water, food, shelter, clothing and medical care.  You may ask how I connect that with CO2.  I connect it because our current structures aren’t meeting people’s needs – even here in the US where we use roughly 50%  of the world’s resources for a few percent of the world’s people.


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